Cancer treatments can physically drain a body especially in situations where there are multiple or intensive treatments that combine chemotherapy after surgery or radiation with chemotherapy. In cases where there are multiple rigorous treatments or even just one type of treatment, alternative therapy can interject some beneficial restorative and soothing moments during an emotional time.

Is it Safe to Combine Alternative Therapies with Traditional Medicine?

A patient might be concerned how alternative therapies interact with traditional treatments. There is no reason to be concerned about this if a patient keeps the oncologist informed about any secondary therapies. The Sarcoma Oncology Center encourages their patients to explore alternative treatments which can diminish unpleasant side effects, revive energy or relieve stress that traditional treatments can inflict. Additionally, alternative therapies can soothe tired bodies and restore the delicate mind/body balancing act.

When Can Alternative Therapies be Added?

This would be a conversation to have with the oncologist, because you will need to coordinate traditional and alternative treatments for optimum benefit. But typically, anytime the patient is physically and emotionally ready for therapeutic treatment is an appropriate time.

Which Alternative Treatments Are Recommended?

Selecting the right kind of alternative treatment depends upon the patient and personal preference; however, your doctor may also have some appropriate suggestions such as one of the following:
Massage – enhances function and healing process while relaxing the body/mind
Ayurveda – plant-based medicines and treatments for a healthy metabolic system
Acupuncture – stimulates immune system by helping to heal and balance the body
Chinese Medicine – herbal medicine with dietary therapy to restore body’s balance and harmony
Chiropractic – reduces stress on musculoskeletal system while easing pain and discomfort
Yoga – stimulates healing and reduces inflammation
Holistic/Nature-Based Remedies – cancer-fighting natural remedies for supplementary treatments

Something else to consider is the frequency of alternative treatments. For some people, it’s beneficial to schedule treatments weekly or every two weeks. Cost can be a factor, but many insurance companies reimburse for many of the popular therapeutic treatments. Yoga for instance is a therapeutic practice that is well-suited as a weekly activity and has the added benefit of freeing up the mind with healing imagery.

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The doctors at the Sarcoma Oncology Center are specialists in sarcoma care and partner with oncologists from renowned institutions such as USC, Stanford and UCLA. The center’s physicians respect the physical and emotional health of each patient and encourage each one to participate in their cancer care. Contact our center at 310-552-9999 to arrange a consultation with one of our oncologists to help with your questions.