If you’ve been diagnosed with malignant bone cancer, you want one of the best doctors for your bone cancer treatment. You know that selecting your treating physician will be one of the most important decisions that you’ll make regarding your illness. The doctor who diagnosed you will refer you to specialists, but you can also research to determine the physician suitable for you.

One of the most highly referred oncologists in the medical community is Dr. Sant Chawla, who is director of the Sarcoma Oncology Center, a cancer treatment facility and research center. Dr. Chawla specializes in sarcoma including bone cancer, which is a sarcoma subtype. Along with being highly recommended, Dr. Chawla is also sought out by many patients who learned about his reputation as a leader in drug therapy research. Chemotherapy is often one of the treatment methods for bone cancer and is frequently paired with surgery and even radiology for many patients.

Types of Bone Cancer Treatment

Bone cancer is often not diagnosed until the tumor is fairly advanced. People with this cancer often don’t notice or become aware of symptoms until the disease is more invasive and requires aggressive treatment.

Oncologists perform a rigorous examination of the patient and tumor before developing a treatment plan. Evaluating a tumor’s pathology is a critical step in identifying the best solution for fighting the disease. By knowing a tumor’s cellular origin, oncologists can select drug therapies that are the most effective in achieving remission.

Diagnostics, including X-rays and MRIs, are helpful in calculating the placement of the tumor, so if surgery or radiotherapy are performed, doctors will know the tumor’s precise location.

Once all the information is collected, the patient’s medical team can recommend a treatment plan that offers the best possible outcome. Many bone cancer cases require two types of treatment which could include the following:

  • Surgery – cancer is removed from the bone leaving surrounding muscles, tendons, and other tissues intact.
  • Radiotherapy – either used prior to surgery to shrink the tumor or after surgery to destroy any remaining cancer
  • Chemotherapy – highly effective in reaching any area of the body as it travels through the bloodstream

Depending upon a patient’s case, stage of cancer, and type of cancer, participation in a clinical trial might be recommended. The Sarcoma Oncology Center’s Dr. Chawla is very active in clinical trials, often as a lead investigator, and he has been very instrumental in helping his patients join these research trials to achieve more favorable outcomes.

Call the Bone Cancer Specialists

The dedicated oncologists at the Sarcoma Cancer Center are renowned for their expertise and advanced solutions to bone cancer. They can offer medically advanced treatment solutions through their involvement with clinical trials and broad experience. Call today at (310) 879.1106 to schedule a consultation.

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