Chemotherapy remains a highly effective treatment for cancer, sarcomas in particular. Commonly referred by the nickname “chemo,” the method has undergone numerous developments since it was first developed in the mid-1940s. It is a systemic form of treatment that broadens its reach by traveling through the bloodstream to areas surgery and radiation can’t access. This is chemo’s greatest benefit and particularly helpful in treating sarcoma tumors that often embed themselves deep into tissue.

One of the most renowned chemo pioneers is Dr. Sant Chawla, current director at the Sarcoma Oncology Center. Dr. Chawla partners with chemo experts in the Santa Monica facility, which is both a research and treatment center for cancer patients. Dr. Chawla furthers his work in novel drug therapies by leading new clinical drug trials in which some of his patients participate.

Chemo Evolution

Many advancements have been made with chemotherapy to improve effectiveness and minimize side effects such as:

  • New drugs and new combinations
  • Introduction of supplementary drugs to reduce side effects
  • Drug therapies to overcome resistance

Research has also introduced new ways of combining multiple chemotherapy drugs to attain treatment goals and fulfill patient needs. Clinical trials have been instrumental in the development of new drugs and has provided a greater understanding about the risks and benefits of new drug treatments.

Chemo at Santa Monica Center

Patients can react differently to the same drug treatment. For this reason, a therapeutic drug plan is customized for each patient. Before developing a treatment plan, Sarcoma Oncology doctors evaluate a patient’s:

  • Cancer type
  • Cancer stage, grade, and spread
  • Medical history and general health
  • Treatment goals

Doctors monitor their patients carefully to ensure a patient’s treatment schedule is carefully followed to adjust dosage or frequency for effectiveness.

Chemotherapy Specialists Can Help You

If you have questions about sarcoma diagnosis or treatment options, the Sarcoma Oncology Center would like to help you. Call today at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation.

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