Liposarcoma is a type of sarcoma that develops in the fat cells and is typically found in the muscles of the extremities or in the abdomen. This type of cancer is the second most common variety of sarcoma, with approximately 2,000 cases diagnosed each year.

Because they are rare, many physicians are not familiar with sarcomas or their symptoms. The Sarcoma Oncology Center is renowned for its expertise and knowledge of soft tissue sarcomas and liposarcoma management. Along with their extensive experience with sarcomas, Oncology Center physicians have led numerous clinical trials and developed advanced therapies that have benefited many patients.

Liposarcoma Management in Los Angeles

Sarcoma Treatment StaffEach patient is unique and many variables can affect liposarcoma prognosis and liposarcoma management. Depending on the case and stage of the disease, recurrence is possible. Two of the most common recurring sarcomas include:
• Myxoid Liposarcoma – These forms of sarcomas often develop in the leg with possible recurrence in other soft tissue sites
• Round Cell Liposarcoma – Round cell liposarcomas occur in soft tissue or bones, including the spine and pelvis.

The most progressive and advanced liposarcoma management can be found from Sarcoma Oncology physicians who have access to innovative therapies.

Multi-disciplinary Treatment

The complexity of the sarcomas demands a multi-modal team approach of medical practitioners. Sarcoma Oncology experts work with prominent surgeons, pathologists and radiation specialists from medical institutions including Cedar’s Sinai, USC, and St. John’s. The physicians work together, implementing the most favorable treatment plan for each individual patient.

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