Liposarcomas are malignant soft tissue tumors found in the limbs and occasionally in the abdomen. Treatment for this subtype of sarcoma typically requires a combination of methods, including surgery and chemotherapy. Sarcomas are a very rare type of cancer best treated by the specialists at Sarcoma Oncology Center. The physicians at Sarcoma Oncology are recognized leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue and bone sarcomas. They are well known for pioneering efforts in the development of innovative drug therapies that have helped many sarcoma patients and go above and beyond when it comes to limb preservation and protecting as much healthy tissue and body function as possible, regardless of the severity of a patient’s diagnosis.

Sarcoma Symptoms

Numerous factors are involved in developing treatment options for a sarcoma diagnosis:
• Tumor site
• Tumor size
• Type of cancer cell
• Tumor depth
• Patient age and medical history

Using this information, the cancer experts at Sarcoma Oncology Center can determine a proper treatment plan that is specifically tailored for each unique patient.
Malignant Tumor Treatment Methods

A sarcoma is a complex disease that typically requires a team-oriented and multi-modal approach involving multiple practitioners. The Sarcoma Oncology Center develops individualized plans and coordinates their efforts with a medical team that often includes surgeons, pathologists and radiation oncologists.

The Sarcoma Oncology Center has led numerous clinical research trials, which gives them access to innovative drug therapies for their patients. Recently, they have been involved with investigations for several new therapeutics, including one for angiosarcoma, and received FDA approval for a therapeutic treating metastatic breast cancer.

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