Osteosarcoma is a rare bone cancer which can develop in adults and children. In fact, half of all osteosarcoma cases appear in children. This bone cancer is a subtype of sarcoma that is rare and requires treatment by a specialist in the disease.

One of the most renowned of those specialists is Dr. Sant Chawla who is director of the Sarcoma Oncology Center in Los Angeles. He has an international reputation as a leading expert in sarcoma and its treatment by chemotherapy. Many of Dr. Chawla’s patients were referred to him by doctors familiar with his expertise in chemotherapy, which is often one of the treatment methods for bone cancer.

Many patients also seek out the Sarcoma Oncology Center because Dr. Chawla leads and participates in clinical research trials. New drug therapy investigation gives patients who were treated unsuccessfully with standard drugs an opportunity for favorable outcomes with novel therapies. It is also important for children to participate in clinical trials since this research helps towards finding the most beneficial treatment for them.

Diagnosing Osteosarcoma in Children

The American Cancer Society reports that osteosarcoma in children comprises only 3% of pediatric cancer cases. Because it is so rare, many oncologists have little experience treating it. Only an expert like Dr. Chawla has the experience and knowledge to effectively treat this disease.

Osteosarcoma is linked to the cells that grow bones which explains why the risk of osteosarcoma in children is more common than in adults. Oncologists like Dr. Chawla, recommend parents to be aware of any suspicious symptoms such as pain and swelling in their child’s arm or leg.

Other symptoms which could indicate osteosarcoma include an unexplained limp or broken arm. Osteosarcoma will weaken bones affected by the tumor, making it susceptible to a break.

While these symptoms are not definitive indicators of cancer, you want to take preventive action and consult with a specialist.

Call the Osteosarcoma Specialists

While osteosarcoma is rare, you should be vigilant in monitoring for its symptoms and consult with a specialist if you suspect cancer. The Sarcoma Cancer Center physicians are renowned for their expertise and advanced solutions to the disease. If you need to speak with doctors who have expertise in this cancer specialty, call today at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation.

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