A liposarcoma is a cancerous soft tissue mass that develops in deep soft tissue, usually within the muscles of the extremities or abdomen. The condition is a subtype of sarcoma, a very rare form of cancer, and is more likely to affect adults aged 40 to 60 than younger individuals. The specialists best qualified to treat liposarcoma are the expert cancer physicians at Sarcoma Oncology Center in Los Angeles.

Liposarcoma Symptoms

Soft tissue sarcomas are very rare cancers, but within the soft tissue category, liposarcomas rank as the second most frequently diagnosed of the soft tissue variety. Symptoms of liposarcomas include:

• Nausea
• Fatigue
• Swelling
• Numbness
• Limited range of motion

Liposarcomas tend to develop into a large bulky soft tissue mass and frequently have smaller tumors surrounding the primary growth.

Treatment for Soft Tissue Mass

If liposarcoma is suspected, a diagnostic test such as a CT scan or MRI will confirm a sarcoma specialist will develop a treatment plan for the condition.

There are several factors which influence course of cancer treatment. A soft tissue mass will need to be evaluated based on size, location, and grade. Tumors detected at an early stage usually can be treated with chemotherapy. If the tumor has advanced into a larger, more aggressive mass, then a combination of chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery is used. Other factors considered when developing treatment, include analysis of a patient’s medical history and general health.

Since liposarcoma often requires multi-faceted treatment, it’s likely that one of the physicians involved in treatment will be coordinating everything. The best physicians qualified for that role are the oncologists at Sarcoma Oncology Center. They are internationally recognized experts in diagnosing and treating all varieties of sarcomas, including liposarcomas. They develop treatment plans individually suited to each patient’s needs and coordinate medical care with everyone on a patient’s healthcare team.

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