What is the Sarcoma Alliance?

The Sarcoma Oncology Center is dedicated to the physical and emotional health of patients and their families. The Center believes a treatment regimen should also include services to support, educate and inspire everyone who is impacted by sarcoma including the patient, family and friends. This belief led the Sarcoma Oncology Center to align with the Sarcoma Alliance as a resource for sarcoma cancer patients and their support network. The Center is honored to preside at the Chawla-Rosenfeld Developmental Therapeutics Symposium at the bi-annual SARC (Sarcoma Alliance through Research Collaboration) event. The symposium is funded by an former patient (and cancer survivor) of Dr. Chawla’s who, in gratitude, decided to fund this bi-annual symposium in Dr. Chawla’s honor.

The Sarcoma Alliance is a nonprofit that started in 1999 to assist individuals affected by the disease. Up until then, newly diagnosed sarcoma patients only had scant resources and limited information to access so a great need existed and the Sarcoma Alliance stepped in to fill it. Sarcoma can be an alienating experience because it is a rare disease compared to other cancers; however, the Sarcoma Alliance filled the void by offering a place for patients to connect with each other, learn about the disease and share experiences.


Sarcoma AllianceServices Offered by the Sarcoma Alliance

The Sarcoma Alliance’s mission seeks to improve people’s lives through guidance, education and support for its members and their families. It accomplishes its goals through services and programs that offer:

Guidance: Assist with locating medical providers, treatment options, and information sources available to sarcoma patients and their support team.

Education: Access to resources about cancer diagnosis, symptoms, clinical research and treatment. Information about helpful publications, websites, and support networks.

Support: Introductions to other people with similar experiences for social support. The Alliance has a peer-to-peer webpage and a “biographies” page where members can share their sarcoma experiences with each other.

Sarcoma Alliance services can help people understand what to expect throughout treatment, explains common challenges faced by survivors, and offers suggestions for next steps following treatment.

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Sarcoma Oncology Center is dedicated to the physical and emotional well being of each patient and through our relationship with the Sarcoma Alliance, patients have a helpful and supportive resource. We offer patients the best possible solution to their cancer care through our multi-modal approach and we encourage patients to partner with us in their treatment. Please contact our center at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation with one of our oncologists to discuss your personal situation and answer your questions.

Learn more about the Sarcoma Alliance and its services by visiting its website http://sarcomaalliance.org/.

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