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Smooth Muscle Tumors Explained

Smooth Muscle Sarcoma Treatment santa monicaSmooth muscle is found throughout the body. It is classified as an “involuntary” muscle which means it performs a reactive role and as a result, is not controlled by the brain. To explain with some examples, it is the smooth muscle lining the walls of the digestive tract that automatically contract to aid in digestion. These same muscles in the salivary glands instinctively react by moistening the mouth in response to a mouthful of food. Smooth muscle of the skin automatically responds with goose bumps in response to cold temperatures.

This means that smooth muscle tumors can manifest almost anywhere in the body; however, they tends to originate more commonly in the uterus, abdomen and pelvis. There are several types of smooth muscle sarcoma and these include:

Leiomyoma – uterine fibroids and typically not painful, but a tumor of large mass can press on other internal organs, bleed and cause anemia

Angioleiomyoma – originates in blood vessels and can manifest in the lining of the large vein carrying blood to the heart

Leiomyosarcoma – starts in the stomach and small intestine

These types of sarcoma are rare but when present, they tend to appear in adults and less frequently in children. They can spread via the bloodstream, but rarely occurs in the lymphatic system.

Sarcomas are complex and best treated by a team of sarcoma oncologists and other medical specialists. The Sarcoma Oncology Center in Los Angeles collaborates with surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and radiation oncologists from other prominent institutions to ensure that each patient’s case is addressed comprehensively. We are considered one of the best sarcoma practitioners worldwide with the ability to develop the most advanced patient-centric treatment available. Patients who come to us for assistance receive personal and individualized attention.

Smooth Muscle Tumor Symptoms

Overall, symptoms vary with the location, type and stage of the disease. Symptoms may not be discovered until an advanced stage of the tumor is reached or there might not be any noticeable symptoms at all. Since a sarcoma can form almost anywhere in the body, and therefore, affect a variety of organs, it is critical to consult a doctor to identify what is causing the pain or discomfort.

painless lump cancer doctor los angelesSome sarcomas manifest abnormal symptoms that can be detected more quickly than other subtypes. An abdominal tumor may cause abdominal pain, vomiting or constipation and a mass in the uterus may cause vaginal bleeding and/or abdominal pain.

A painless lump could form in an area in which the tumor is growing and eventually cause pain if the mass is pressing on a nerve or muscle. Any signs of abnormality or pain must be medically attended to by a doctor.

Learn more about leiomyosarcoma and other types of smooth muscle sarcomas by visiting Wikipedia.com.

Treatment of Smooth Muscle Sarcoma

Sarcomas are a complex form of cancer and require team-oriented, multi-modal, individualized treatment plans. The Sarcoma Oncology Center in Los Angeles collaborates with prominent pathologists, surgeons, radiologists, and radiation oncologists from institutions such as UCLA, USC, Stanford, M.D. Anderson, St. John’s and Cedars Sinai to develop and implement the most effective multi-modal treatment plan for each case.

The Center in Los Angeles develops a cancer treatment plan that considers a tumor’s stage and grade, previous treatments (if any), extent of the cancer, biopsy analysis and other unique factors. The oncologists at the Sarcoma Oncology Center in Santa Monica are worldwide leaders in sarcoma and advanced sarcoma clinical research trials. Our oncologists exceed standard care for cancer treatment whenever needed and can access the most novel cancer drugs.

Clinical Trials at Sarcoma Oncology Center

At the Sarcoma Oncology Center in Santa Monica, our expert oncologists are actively involved in clinical trials of the newest drugs and work with a team of experts to develop the best treatment plan for each individual.

Dr. Chawla in Los Angeles is the international principal investigator of Yondelis (Trabectedin) which is the most effective cancer treatment for liposarcoma. This medicine has been approved in many countries and is pending approval in the United States.

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Sarcoma Oncology Center in Santa Monica provides its patients with the best possible solution and medical care. A holistic approach to cancer treatment is offered with patients receiving both physical care coupled with compassion for emotional well-being. Please contact our center at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation with one of our cancer treatment specialists.

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