Local recurrence does not necessarily mean that the first treatment was wrong or inadequate, and it doesn’t mean that the person with the recurrence cannot be cured. Soft-tissue sarcoma is a treatable cancer even when it recurs locally.

Sarcoma Oncology Center physicians are uniquely qualified to treat sarcoma whether a patient is newly diagnosed or faces a recurrence. We are intimately involved in our patients’ care and offer personal and individualized attention from renowned oncologists. Dr. Sant Chawla and the Sarcoma Oncology Center team’s collaboration with specialists from other prestigious institutions enable us to address the complexity of each case.


Local Recurrence Treatment

We approach treatment of local recurrence with the same methodical examination with a multidisciplinary approach that we conduct for primary tumor patients. Each case of local recurrence is individualized with treatment based on several factors. Participation in clinical trials is also encouraged at this point.

Sarcoma OncologistsTo ascertain the precise stage of the recurring sarcoma, a physician will first perform an “extent of disease workup.” The workup may include x-rays of the area of local recurrence and chest x-rays, as well as computed tomographic (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.

Treating a recurrence depends on the outcome of the workup with consideration also given to the type of treatment used on the primary tumor. Chemotherapy is often offered and the specific agents chosen will depend on the period of time that has elapsed since primary therapy and the doses given initially, if any. Patients with an isolated local recurrence could have another surgery (re-resection). Results of re-resection are often good; the majority of these patients have long-term survival.

It may be difficult to give additional radiation if the tumor recurs in an area that has already received maximum radiation in the past. The radiotherapy approach depends on the method and extent of previous surgery and radiotherapy; however, newer targeted radiation therapy may be possible (for example, brachytherapy) despite past treatments. Even after a local recurrence, amputation is rarely necessary.

We understand that local recurrence can be a frightening event with a patient wondering if they will ever be fully cured. The Sarcoma Oncology Center will turn over every leaf to provide you with the best possible treatment for your long-term survival.

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