About Surgery

Surgery remains the primary treatment for most soft tissue sarcomas accompanied by a series of chemotherapy and/or radiation as part of a multi-modal treatment plan. Surgery’s goal is removal of the tumor plus some of the surrounding tissue as determined by a tumor’s type, location and aggressiveness. Advancements in medical research and technology have greatly reduced the need for amputation as a standard treatment for soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities. Amputations are performed in only about five percent of cases nationwide and at Sarcoma Oncology Center, our renowned surgeons take every measure available to provide effective treatment while also preserving as much healthy limb and tissue as possible, depending on each patient’s unique condition.


Conservative Multi-modal Approach

Today’s treatment approaches now frequently combine conservative surgery with radiation therapy or chemotherapy (or both), thereby offering patients a high rate of tumor control without amputation. Our surgeons take great care to preserve limbs that may be threatened by tumors or cancer in order to protect our patients’ quality of life.

sarcoma treatmentsMinimally Invasive Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive technique surgeons have utilized for several years. Originally, it was used to perform selected abdominal operations enabling surgeons to make several very small incisions (less than half an inch) for the insertion of robotic surgical tools. By manipulating the robotic tools, the surgeon could remove small amounts of tissue which were then examined for cancer and evaluated to determine the spread of disease.

Minimally invasive surgery soon expanded to extend beyond diagnosis and staging to surgical operations which previously had been performed as open procedures. Miniature video cameras were added to the procedure allowing the surgeon to see inside the body during surgery. Patients receiving laparoscopic surgery often have faster recoveries and fewer complications, and are able to go home sooner than with open surgery.

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