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SARC Semiannual Meeting – Friday, June 4, 2021

SARC Semiannual Meeting Agenda Friday, June 4, 2021 9:00am – 12:00pm EDT

Can Holistic Treatments Help to Manage Chronic Pain?

For many people in treatment for sarcomas and other forms of cancer, effectively managing pain can be one of the biggest challenges to staying active, and maintaining balance and quality of life. While medication is generally the standard for managing pain and other side effects of cancer treatment, more and more patients and oncologists are  Continue Reading »

Six Most Common Types of Soft Tissue Sarcomas

In addition to being an incredibly rare form of cancer, soft tissue sarcomas (cancer that affects connective tissue such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the lining of blood vessels) are classified into as many as 75 different subtypes. As such, treatment options and outlooks vary greatly from patient to patient depending on many factors, such  Continue Reading »

Benefits of Practicing Yoga While Undergoing Cancer Treatment

As a health and spiritual practice, yoga enjoys the distinction of being both ancient and perpetually trendy, particularly in the United States. While the ubiquity of yoga classes, studios, and stream of celebrity devotees can sometimes make it seem like just another workout craze with little substance for the uninitiated, in reality, experts agree that  Continue Reading »

15 Terms to Know After a Cancer Diagnosis

The time immediately following a cancer diagnosis can be heady and surreal, filled with overwhelming information, clinical visits, conflicting emotions, worried friends and relatives, and a brand new vocabulary centered around diagnostic and treatment terms that become a regular part of conversation throughout the cancer treatment and recovery process. Although every diagnosis – even for  Continue Reading »

Can Exercise and Physical Activity Lower Your Cancer Risk?

Numerous studies and clinical reports have come to light in recent years on the serious health risks of obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, so much so that sitting has been categorized as the “new smoking.” The relationship between physical fitness and health and wellness, particularly as it relates to cancer recovery, has also been studied  Continue Reading »

Bone Cancer Symptoms and Effective Treatment Options Available at Sarcoma Oncology Center

Cancer is a rare disease and having bone cancer is the rarest of the rare types of cancer. So, how does this obscure disease develop in the first place? Well, bone cancer, as the name suggests, starts when a tumor develops in the bone marrow or the tissues of the bone cells. It tends to  Continue Reading »

The Benefits of Cucumber Water

Nourishing and caring for ourselves are essential components to physical well-being, especially if you have cancer or another serious illness. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or near the end of treatment, you want to maintain healthful habits to keep yourself strong, energized, and optimistic. Keeping a balanced diet with nutrient rich foods should top your list  Continue Reading »

Breaking Down Barriers – A Story of Surviving “Incurable” Cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis, let alone for a rare, aggressive form of cancer, can be earth-shattering. But when 46-year-old Dakota Neal was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma in 2005, there was no question but to fight back aggressively. “I didn’t think my diagnosis was a death sentence. I didn’t want my kids to get stressed. I thought  Continue Reading »

Against All Odds: 14 Cancer Stories Through A Survivor’s Lens

There are few things and certain moments in life that make an indelible mark on us. One such unforgettable event would include your doctor diagnosing cancer, a disease that many individuals and families are bravely fighting day in and day out. Hope and faith, along with a strong community of support in the form of family,  Continue Reading »

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