Sarcoma Diagnosis Los AngelesIn addition to being an incredibly rare form of cancer, soft tissue sarcomas (cancer that affects connective tissue such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the lining of blood vessels) are classified into as many as 75 different subtypes. As such, treatment options and outlooks vary greatly from patient to patient depending on many factors, such as the type, location of origination, and genetic makeup of the tumors.

Due to the complexity involved in diagnosing and treating rare soft tissue cancers in both adults and children, cancer specialists at the Sarcoma Oncology Center in Santa Monica take a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to obtaining accurate diagnoses and delivering targeted treatment options.

Most Common Forms of Soft Tissue Cancer

Vascular sarcomas – While sarcomas are more common in children and adolescents, this particular form is more common in adults. It affects the lining of the blood vessels anywhere in the body, and can potentially affect the lymphatic system as well, which is an integral part of the immune system and helps to fight infection and cancer in the body.

This sub-type can be broken up further to include:

    • Angiosarcoma – most commonly affects skin, liver, breast, and spleen tissue
    • Hemangioendothelioma – most commonly affects the lungs, liver, head, neck, intestines, musculoskeletal system, stomach, and lymph nodes

Smooth muscle sarcomas – This form can technically develop anywhere on the body, but is most common in the uterus and abdomen. This sub-type can be broken up further to include:

      • Leiomyosarcoma – affects the stomach and small intestine
      • Angioleiomyoma – affects the blood vessels
      • Leiomyoma – causes uterine fibroids

Fibrohistiocytic sarcomas – This form affects children more often, but can develop at any age and typically develops in the arms, legs, and torso.

This sub-type can be broken up further to include:

      • Giant cell tumors of the tendon sheath – develops in connective tissue, commonly near the knee joint
      • Undifferentiated Pleomorphic sarcoma – most common in the lungs in adults over the age of 50 (but can develop anywhere in the body)
      • Plexiform Fibrohistiocytic tumor – usually affects the skin of the upper limbs

Liposarcoma The most common form of soft tissue tumors, this form originates in fat cells and is most commonly diagnosed in adults over the age of 40. This sub-type can be broken up further to include:

      • Round cell
      • Mixed-type
      • Pleomorphic
      • Well-differentiated
      • Dedifferentiated
      • Myxoid

Sarcoma Specialists in Los Angeles

To learn more about diagnosis and treatment options for soft tissue and bone sarcomas, contact the Sarcoma Oncology Center today at 310-879-1106 to schedule a consultation with a cancer specialist.

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