Chronic Pain Sarcoma Los AngelesFor many people in treatment for sarcomas and other forms of cancer, effectively managing pain can be one of the biggest challenges to staying active, and maintaining balance and quality of life. While medication is generally the standard for managing pain and other side effects of cancer treatment, more and more patients and oncologists are looking for alternative and holistic treatments to work together with chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer drugs in order to help patients remain as healthy and active as possible throughout treatment.

Nutrition and Diet

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of health and well being, and for people in treatment for cancer, getting enough of the body’s essential nutrients is especially important for maintaining physical strength and energy. Additionally, studies on the effects of inflammation on chronic pain and overall health have shown that diet also plays a vital role in this area. Avoiding overly processed foods and choosing anti-inflammatory substitutes like nuts, oily fish like salmon, fresh fruit and healthy fats instead can make a noticeable difference.


While rigorous physical activity and regular trips to the gym or Pilates studio may not be possible or appropriate for a person in treatment for cancer depending on their situation, even moderate movement and exercise can make a difference. Low impact activities like walking and milder forms of yoga can not only help to ease physical pain and help maintain fitness levels throughout treatment, they can also help patients to stay active, social, and connected to their peers and friends, a key component for managing depression and stress.


The topic of “mindfulness” and mediation are having something of a moment in the cultural spotlight, and with good reason. Meditation practice has been around for centuries, and more recently has shown to have positive impact on people suffering from everything from post-traumatic stress disorder, to chronic pain and depression.

Los Angeles Oncology and Cancer Treatment

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