If you’ve been diagnosed with sarcoma, you might initially think that your treatment choices might be a matter of chemotherapy vs surgery. Instead, the issue for consideration entails the best treatment option for your cancer, not a choice of one over the other. For the best perspective in understanding what is recommended for you and for a thorough explanation, meet with Dr. Sant Chawla, director of the Sarcoma Oncology Center and his fellow highly trained oncologists Dr. Erlinda Gordon and Dr. Doris Quon.

Dr. Sant Chawla is credited with breakthroughs in sarcoma treatment due to extensive research in drug therapeutics. The Sarcoma Oncology Center is recognized for its participation in clinical trials and many patients are referred to Dr. Chawla for this reason. Clinical trials can offer patients advanced therapeutics which often offer more favorable outcomes.

Chemotherapy vs Surgery

Many sarcoma patients are not diagnosed until their disease develops noticeable symptoms, but by then, sarcoma has reached an advanced stage. Treatment then becomes more complex, involving multiple methods to destroy tumors and stop further spread of the disease. Recommendations can involve decisions on a plan for chemotherapy and surgery versus a choice between the two. Each method is best for different medical reasons.

Surgery is effective for removing tumors that a surgeon can access and when tumors are localized. Otherwise cancer that has spread to various parts of the body or developed in a unreachable location, chemotherapy is recommended for destroying the cancer and controlling it.

sarcoma oncology center doctorCombined, chemotherapy and surgery work effectively together. Used before surgery, chemotherapy can reduce the size of the sarcoma, making surgery less invasive for a patient. In cases where cancer has spread, chemotherapy eliminates microscopic areas of metastasis.

Knowing Dr. Chawla’s innovative use of chemotherapy in difficult cases, doctors from renowned institutions including M.D. Anderson, Sloan-Kettering, USC, and Cedars-Sinai refer their patients to Dr. Chawla. Given his participation and leadership in clinical trials, Dr. Chawla and his associates, Dr. Erlinda Gordon and Dr. Doris Quon can offer novel treatments for patients for whom standard treatments were not successful.

Sarcoma Specialists Can Help You

If you have questions about a sarcoma diagnosis and would like to consult with a dedicated specialist about your treatment options, contact the Sarcoma Oncology Center. The center’s doctors are internationally known for their expertise in sarcoma care and medically advanced drug therapeutics. Call today at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation.

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