Another common primary bone cancer, and another subtype of sarcoma, is chondrosarcoma. Typical of sarcomas, this cancer is rare, but it is the second most frequently occurring bone cancer among adults. Both men and women could develop it with no preference for gender, however, the disease will typically strike adults between 20 and 75. The cancer develops in bone cartilage, more frequently developing in the hipbones and thighbones, but it can also form in the pelvis, chest wall, ribs, skull, leg, or arm.

Chondrosarcoma differs from other bone cancers by having several variants of the disease making it a diagnostic and treatment challenge for most doctors. A specialist in sarcomas, like Dr. Sant Chawla, is best qualified to assess and develop the most favorable treatment plan. Dr. Chawla, who is a leading expert in drug therapy research and director of the Sarcoma Oncology Center, specializes in sarcoma including chondrosarcoma. Many esteemed oncologists from prominent institutions including St. John’s, M.D. Anderson, USC, and UCLA refer their caner patients to him.

Experts in Chondrosarcoma in Santa Monica

Dr. Chawla cares for his patients with chondrosarcoma at a Santa Monica-based research and treatment facility specializing in chemotherapy. This gives Dr. Chawla an opportunity to lead and participate in clinic trials for his patients. He has access to some of the most advanced and novel drug therapies which can be very beneficial in chrondrosarcoma cases.

The cancer has the following subtypes, all variable with appearance, location, behavior, and prognosis and often standard treatments are not as effective as new therapies:

  • Dedifferentiated – an aggressive variant that develops in older adults
  • Clear cell chondrosarcomas – grow slowly and do not spread but can recur at the original site
  • Mesenchymal – grow rapidly but respond well to chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Each variant has a unique pathology which means more than one therapeutic treatment solution is required. An oncologist like Dr. Chawla knows this and has the expertise to develop unique combinations of drug therapies for each subtype to achieve the most favorable outcomes.

Call the Chondrasarcoma Specialists

Chondrosarcoma is a complex cancer that requires treatment from an oncologist specializing in sarcomas. The doctors at the Sarcoma Cancer Center are renowned for their expertise, offering medically advanced cancer care solutions through novel drug therapies, clinical trials and extensive experience. Call today at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation.

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