Chemotherapy (CTX) remains an effective treatment against cancer, especially with sarcoma, which usually requires an interdisciplinary approach that combines multiple methods, not just CTX. However, before treatment can begin, there are numerous decisions to make before the CTX procedure can even begin.

In addition to an examination of the patient and medical history review, a tumor’s pathology is also analyzed. This is particularly critical with sarcoma since this form of cancer is comprised of over 50 different subtypes, each with a unique cellular origin. A pathology report provides doctors with information about the tumor’s behavior, grade, stage, and histology. Oncologists, such as chemotherapy specialist Dr. Sant Chawla at the Sarcoma Oncology Center, refer to the pathology report when developing drug treatment plans for patients.

Chemotherapy Treatment Considerations

Oncologists have relied on chemotherapy for over fifty years. Along the way, there have been many advances to improve drug potency yet minimize side-effects. Research has resulted in doctors discovering drug combinations that have improved effectiveness.

Several factors affect the suitability of chemotherapy as part of treatment. Those factors include:

  • Patient medical history and physical health
  • Type of cancer
  • Prior treatment
  • Pre-existing conditions of heart disease or diabetes

Chemotherapy can also be used in one of several different ways in a treatment plan. This depends on whether chemotherapy is used alone or in coordination with other methods. Chemotherapy can:

  • Control cancer growth
  • Eliminate cancer
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve chances of limb-salvaging treatments

There are also numerous methods to administer chemotherapy. While an intravenous approach is used in most cases, chemotherapy can also be prescribed as:

  • Oral drug
  • Injection
  • Topical cream

Oncologists continue to research chemotherapy for new drug combinations and advanced drug therapeutics. The most renowned experts in chemotherapy advances are Dr. Chawla with the Sarcoma Oncology Center who are considered pioneers in the field. They have introduced numerous innovative therapeutics in their dedication to helping people defeat cancer.

CTX Specialists Can Help You

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed, the specialists at the Cancer Center of Southern California can help you. Our oncologists are internationally known for their expertise in chemotherapy and offer clinical trial participation to many of their patients. Call today at (310) 879-1099 to schedule a consultation.

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