There isn’t a simple answer for how to cure cancer. There are the many variables to consider even before treatment begins such as the type of cancer, tumor pathology, and patient history. Additionally, with cancer, the medical community defines “cure” based on years of remission since completion of treatment. The longer a patient remains in remission, the greater the possibility of being cured of cancer.

Knowing the difference between cured and remission is important for cancer patients to understand. They should have a conversation with their oncologist on this topic to help them manage expectations. When meeting with patients for the first time to discuss their diagnosis and treatment, the doctors at the Sarcoma Oncology Center always include a thorough discussion about tumor behavior and remission. Dr. Chawla, center director, and his associates Dr. Erlinda Gordon and Dr. Doris Quon are renowned for their superior patient care and the individual attention each patient receives. In fact, the most frequently expressed comments about the Sarcoma Oncology Center has to do with the positive environment and physician dedication each patient experiences.

How To Cure Cancer

Most oncologists will refer to remission rate versus cure when explaining treatment outcome. When they tell a patient they have a 5-year cure rate or a 10-year cure rate, they are likely referring to remission rate. The possibility of being cured increases as more time passes cancer free.

A complete remission from cancer means the doctor cannot find any signs or symptoms of cancer indicating cancer remains in the body. However, this actually means current medical technology cannot identify any trace of cancer. There is a possibility microscopic traces of cancer remain in the body and a recurrence could occur. This is why survivors should maintain a schedule of annual check-ups with their oncologist to monitor any changes. A patient might be considered cured if the odds of their cancer returning are exceptionally low.

Chemotherapy Specialists Can Help You

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