Chemotherapy is classified as a systematic treatment because it can reach all areas and systems of the body while traveling through the bloodstream. This makes chemotherapy an ideal method for sarcoma, which often embeds itself into hard-to-reach areas, making surgery and even radiation impossible. But sarcoma is a complex disease demanding a medical sophistication that can only be acquired by specializing in this field of cancer. Three practitioners who have dedicated their medical careers to sarcoma research and treatment are Dr. Sant Chawla, Dr. Erlinda Gordon and Dr. Doris Quon of the Sarcoma Oncology Center, a renowned research and treatment facility for chemotherapy in Los Angeles.

Clinical Trials in Chemotherapy

cancer doctor specialists santa monicaDr. Chawla and his associates Dr. Gordon and Dr. Quon are internationally known for their advanced drug therapeutics and work with cancer patients. Many doctors will refer their patients to the Sarcoma Oncology Center as the doctors are frequently involved in clinical drug trials. Dr. Chawla’s reputation includes the breakthrough of a limb-saving treatment for adolescent sarcoma patients. Since then, he has conducted over 60 clinical trials, with many receiving FDA and EMA approval.

Most recently, Dr. Chawla’s research has resulted in the development of Aldoxorubicin and Pazopanib, new drug therapies for soft tissue sarcoma, and Eribulin for metastatic breast cancer. Patients treated by Dr. Chawla are allowed access to some of the most advanced drug therapies due to his participation in clinical trials.

Treating sarcoma patients with the most favorable drug therapies remains a high priority for Dr Chawla and his associates Dr. Gordon and Dr. Quon. Through their leadership in research and trials, the doctors place themselves at the forefront of research.

Chemotherapy in Los Angeles

Before a personalized treatment plan can be developed for a patient, Dr. Chawla conducts a thorough physical examination and tumor analysis. Medical history and physical condition are critical variables as well as a thorough evaluation of a tumor’s pathology.

Information about the tumor is collected through X-rays and MRIs which give insight into the tumor’s location and size. A biopsy exposes the tumor’s pathology, revealing stage, type, density, and cell origin.

All this information is essential to developing a comprehensive treatment plan to identify the most effective use of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy Specialists Can Help You

If you have been diagnosed with sarcoma and would like to consult with a dedicated sarcoma specialist about your treatment options, contact the Sarcoma Oncology Center. The center’s doctors are internationally known for their expertise in sarcoma care and medically advanced drug therapeutics. Call today at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation.

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