You’ll never forget the day that you received your cancer diagnosis. All sorts of questions popped into your head, and you wanted immediate answers and a sympathetic ear. This is exactly what makes the Sarcoma Oncology Center unique.

We specialized in sarcoma treatment, research and clinical trials at a time when practitioners in the field were rare. We have extensive experience in answering patients’ questions and offering the most advanced treatment solutions or participation in exclusive clinical trials. We partner with our patients to achieve the best possible results in cancer care.

What Makes the Sarcoma Oncology Center Unique?

The Sarcoma Oncology Center is led by Dr. Sant Chawla, an oncologist with over 30 years experience in sarcoma research and treatment. Dr. Chawla and his team have led clinical trials of new drugs that have been successful in defeating cancer and helped patients to resume a healthy life. Dr. Chawla has led many clinical trials and groundbreaking research in treatment for cancers including pancreatic carcinoma, gynecologic tumors, breast cancer, lung cancer and gastrointestinal tumors.

Sarcoma Treatment StaffWe offer our patients an integrated treatment approach that is individualized to each patient’s unique needs. We first start with a comprehensive assessment that examines all aspects of a patient’s medical history before a plan is developed. Our patients are encouraged to participate in their cancer care and work with us in designing the best course of treatment and desired results. The Oncology Center coordinates with a treatment team of physicians from prestigious medical institutions including UCLA, USC, Stanford and M.D. Anderson, all leaders in cancer care.

Would the Sarcoma Oncology Center Work with My Doctor?

Meeting our patients’ medical and personal needs is our highest priority and primary goal. If a patient requests us to coordinate care with the participation of their doctor, we are happy to arrange this. Our mission is providing attentive care for all our cancer patients and a promise to support them by offering the best possible course of treatment.

Does the Sarcoma Oncology Center Specialize in Specific Treatments?

We are leaders in clinical drug trials and experiential treatments and have used these new advanced therapies for our cancer patients. Dr. Chawla’s efforts have resulted in breakthroughs in new drug therapies for bone and soft-tissue sarcomas and sarcoma therapy. We are able to provide our patients access to the newest and most promising experimental medications for sarcoma and other malignancies.

Dr. Chawla, the Sarcoma Oncology Center’s director, is a pioneering physician whose work in sarcoma oncology has brought him international recognition as one of the world’s leading authorities in sarcoma medical treatment and clinical research. He and the center’s team bring this expertise to develop the best possible solution for each patient.

Contact the Sarcoma Oncology Center to Answer Your Questions

The doctors at the Sarcoma Oncology Center are specialists in sarcoma care and collaborate with oncologists from renowned institutions such as UCLA, USC and Stanford. The center’s physicians offer the best possible solution while respecting the physical and emotional health of each patient. Contact our center at 310-552-9999 to arrange a consultation with one of our oncologists and get answers to your questions.