There are numerous varieties of sarcoma and one of the most common is liposarcoma, which develops in the fat cells primarily in the extremities. To receive the best treatment for their sarcoma, patients should seek help from oncology expert, such as those at the Sarcoma Oncology Center in Los Angeles.

What to Expect From Sarcoma Treatment

The same diagnostics used to test for sarcoma are also applied when evaluating liposarcomas. Some of the procedures include the following:

• Imaging tests – Imaging tests evaluate the size and spread of a sarcoma.
• Biopsy –A biopsy will test for cancer cells in the affected region.
• Lab tests – Laboratory tests identify cell origin.

A tumor must be carefully evaluated prior to developing a sarcoma treatment plan. Physicians look at a tumor’s stage, cell origin, and size to determine the appropriate combination of modalities to use. Typically, sarcomas require a multi-disciplinary approach due to the cancer’s complexity. The physicians at the Sarcoma Oncology Center have extensive experience treating sarcomas and are knowledgeable in all forms of cancer treatment.

Sarcoma treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiology, and targeted therapies. A tumor’s characteristics dictate the combination of treatments that should be selected.

Chemotherapy is often used as part of a treatment plan in one of several ways:

• Before surgery to shrink a tumor
• After surgery to destroy remaining cancer cells
• To relieve advanced cancer symptoms
• Primary treatment

In the oncology community, the physicians at the Sarcoma Oncology Center are recognized for their leadership in developing targeted, individualized chemotherapy options for their patients. They have been instrumental in introducing innovative drug therapies which they make available through clinical trials.

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