Sarcoma Cancer TreatmentThe treatment plan for a patient suffering from sarcoma requires a lot of people such as doctors, pathologists, and experts on various drugs that can be more effective than others.  The treatment consists of different methods that are combined to form a single process for removing the tumor from the body.

The type of treatment a patient needs depends on various factors such as the place where the tumor has formed, the type of cancer cells that form the tumor, whether the tumor is close to any lymph nodes, the size of the tumor, the depth at which it has formed, and many other factors.

Types of Treatment

Some of the usual methods used in Sarcoma cancer treatment therapies are Brachytherapy, Radiation Therapy, and Surgery. Each type of therapy is designed to serve a particular function or objective, depending on the severity of the case at the time of diagnosis. If diagnosed in the preliminary stages, the longevity of the patient is improved after carrying out the treatment. Sometimes cancer in the patients’ body is at an advanced level which allows the doctors very little room for treatment and can result in the loss of lives.

Brachytherapy and Radiation

In Brachytherapy, a needle made of a radioactive material called “seeds” is inserted into the body near the sarcoma to kills the cancer cells. Presently, the seeds are inserted for a few minutes, after which they are removed and the patients are free to go home.

In Radioactive therapy, beams of high-intensity x-rays are projected at the spot where the cancer is present to kill the cancer cells. Radiation helps to reduce the size of the cancer so that it can be easily removed by surgery. Radiation therapy can also be used after surgery.

Chemotherapy And Surgery

In chemotherapy, drugs are injected into the bloodstream in order to kill the cancer cells. This method is called, “Systemic Therapy” as the whole body system is involved. The drug spreads out to all parts of the body and kills the original sarcoma and any other “metastases” that may have been produced by the spreading sarcoma. The drugs help to reduce the tumor, making it easy to remove by surgery.

Chemotherapy can also be used after surgery to kill off the remaining cancerous cells. The right treatment given at the right time can help Sarcoma patients.

Contact the Sarcoma Oncology Center

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